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    Reach: Campaign



    Reach: Campaign

    Post  Guest on Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:58 pm

    If u want to post ur own idea feel free or wanting help we pm me here or on live and ill be able to give advice of show how i do it

    Best weapon DMR

    Glitch to Flawless cowboy finish up to the last checkpoint save and relaunch and finish and repeat onyx in roughly half a hour

    ill post up powerweapon on maps and ideas to help for legendary.

    There are two true power weapon the rocket laucher and the fuel rod gun the other refer to strength in certain sitution eg sniper rifle is good at long distance most of human weapon are better than the covanant weapon for example the human sniper rifle is a one shot headshot while the covanant focus rifle is a beam that wear down the shield and kills them which is slower but easier to handle.

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    Re: Reach: Campaign

    Post  Guest on Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:17 pm

    Winter 2nd mission

    Mission start
    Don't wait for nobel team till they find the covanant just boost to the jackel calling headshot him and the others running in. Pick up the two nades on the dead man throw one at the jackels in the building use noble as shields their invincible look outside shoot untill ur shield are down wait for recharge then shoot the fuel tank it outside on the left side a big red thing shoot it a couple of time it will set on fire and explode. Run outside kill the covanant till ur across the bridge a drop ship should use the other nade and any plamsa u picked up clean up ur pistol should near empty now change to plasma pistol. Boost across the river kill the grunts and wait for noble to catch up. U will now run in to a group of ultras, to me this is the hardest part of the mission charge up u pistol nuke there shields and attempt to kill them with ur rifle use noble as shields jorge is there most common target watch out for moa with plasmas (watch my fileshare) and kill the ultras using the techique. Charge to the car drive (AI is thick) .Drive to checkpoint kill the covanant 1 elite and grunts inside. Drive to other car don't worry about the golden ranger he just runs. Kill all the covanant in the base 1 elite and a few grunts. Change plasma pistols for a new one get in the car and just follow the road. Kill the covanant attack the humans run inside and change to the DMR from the rifle nade the two dropships and nuke the shield and finish up with a headshot use noble as shields. Flying to main base nade the jackel infants and clean up we the DMR run inside pick up ammo for DMR DO NOT RUN BACK OUTSIDE U WILL GET OWNED. instead pick off from inside and nade if u have any left but STAY INSIDE. As Kat shut the door say as far from the door banshees seem to bomb it on legendary it lead to FML moments. Inside the base running and alway take left turns *Cutscence*. Pick up DMR on the wall throw away pistol kill the zealot first with DMR it take forever. Dont use nade clean up the grunts with rifle. Run where the zealot was nade the group of jackel inf with one nade and nade the next group a grunts with the other now change the rifle for plasma pistol run down the ramp. Jorge will say scout and draw there fire DON"T he just being a pansy kill the four grunts that will run out (they walk out one if u miss ur just have to face them later now the second hardest part charge up ur plasma psitol walk to the moving things and wait for the sword zealot to run out to kill u nuke his shields and finish him with the DMR reset the junction 2nd mission completed

    Advice this is the simplist mission to complete and the best for flawless cowboy glitch just save at the bottom of the ramp and re-play til u have onyx Very Happy


    Re: Reach: Campaign

    Post  Guest on Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:49 pm

    I should of done this first o well



    Noble (u team sherlock)
    ODST: Jet packer
    standard soldier

    DMR: semi auto rifle ur best friend
    rifle: auto rifle not bad but not good
    tube: the pro pipe
    the rest a ill refer to what they are eg sniper rifle
    Nade : nade

    Hog: Warthog
    Goose: mongoose
    Chopper: can't remember what it called
    tank: scorpian


    Elites (shielded)
    increase in strength going down the list
    Elites (standard comes in blue or orange)
    Spec ops (invisble black)
    Rangers:(jet-packing ones comes in white and gold(rare))
    Ultra; (big head always white one is invisible on led as well)
    Hero: (big head always golden)
    Zealot:( purple with shoulder crests ur equal)

    Hunters: big ass things a arm that fire fuel rod things armored killed by aiming at weak points in it neck and back comes in pair always

    Standard (blue helmet)
    Chief (gold helmet and armor)
    Hero (Shielded black purple armor)

    infanty (shield bearers slow aim for the wrist with DMR and they will give a easy headshot)
    skrim: (fast no shields does not run much needle rifle or focus rifle always)
    Skrim Hero: (fast shields on wrists runs all the time)

    Are difficult to class there two main type standard and white armor plasma pistols and needler always
    Heros or what it think are heros: Fuel rod gun armed ones

    Buggers: : little flying insect things very weak lot of them

    Engineer :Harmless alone kill on sight give rest of enemies 2x shields

    Weapon look at chewie post

    ideas for weapons
    snipers: one zoom and double tap the Y button instead of going to 10x zoom to rest
    shotgun: melee after shot to kill
    Kill the leader first it makes grunts run in circles unless tough luck skull is on


    Re: Reach: Campaign

    Post  Guest on Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:57 pm

    Third misson ONI

    begin the mission by shooting the grunts on the jump over the barriers and run up the left side hide under cover while the drop ship come down and wait change wth one of the soliders for a shotgun for rifle kill two elites and most of the grunts with DMR they run the side and then get them with ur shotgun now run down the side on the raised bit u will see a sniper rifle change for shotgun and kat will run down and get ultra attention snipe in the chest to do damage to the shield and then use the DMR to finish it off now change to the DMR shoot the jackals and change the DMR for locater not try and get both wraiths with a single hit and if low health snipe it till it explode or use another shot with locater. drive the hog to the AA gun first mow down the ground troop and jump out of the hog pick up plasma pistol charge up and shoot the elite hero and shoot it with the snipe two body shot is easier nade as well no set the AA gun it will shoot down the drop ship and mop up after change sniper to DMR and change back to locater if any shot are left ( they don't reset like normal) boost to new hog drive to the dishs if u have one more shot in the locater set on the first buliding on the hand side past the rock and sprint back to the hog mop up then go kill the revanant then go pull the first junction and then jump back to the hog kill most of the dropship troops and then go in the building and mop up in the building there a rocket laucher on the second level inside change for locater reset dishes and jump back down jump into the new hog these thing grow on trees this one has a special gun ish thing very powerful drive back to the base u should have no problems now go inside pick up DMR ammo kill all the elites grunt things at the enterance now come across two hunters use the rockets on them aim ofr bakc pref but necks are also good change for rocket with it run out and change to the shotgun on the wall at the enterance try and jump over or wait to AI or kat get it attention shoot it in the back don't worry about the elite or grunts kill the hunters and the then them go up the elevator and nade the covannat in of the other side and clean not confornt the bad guy in sword base in the cout then run inside and kill the three grunts and make u way up there it pretty much the same at three groups not for the elite hero at the top sprint across the last bridge he will be shoot at u run across and kill the grunt and elite on the other side hide the hero will run away follow pick up the rocket laucher and two the now two heros and two spec ops kill them now shoot the drop ship and finish off the banshee mission two complete

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    Re: Reach: Campaign

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