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    Reach: Multi



    Reach: Multi

    Post  Guest on Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:11 pm

    Ideas and power weapon location on maps

    Crouch:went moving around with close range weapon stalk ur prey they can't see on radar
    crouching as severely reduces fall damage

    Sniper: I have already said this but it so important double tap the Y button on first zoom level to zoom out it faster than going 10x zoom and zooming out

    power weapon so important cannot stress to much and spawn locations of weapons

    nade them first before shooting

    stay on the edges of the map

    Jet pack: makes u a easy target
    sprint: best imo
    Holo: near useless most of the time
    invisble: useful with having a close range weapon
    powerlock: useful with vech but makes u a noob

    ill post power weapon location on map soon


    Re: Reach: Multi

    Post  Guest on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:58 pm

    Map: Pinnacle

    Power weapons:
    Sniper rifle 2x
    Rockets 1x
    Shotgun 1x

    Sniper rifle is found at the bottom left corner from when u come down from the tower

    The other sniper is found on the other side by the on square box thing by the snipers tower

    Rocket is found by the north past the tower u have to jump down to get it it has a man cannon and teleport take teleport

    Shotgun is by the teleport exit up the ramp

    Team slayer
    One side is favor as they control 3 power weapons from the start of the round

    DMR is found on the left side of the tower aswell

    Location to kill

    Top of the tower with a shotgun and sniper or DMR. DMR or sniper draws attention and shotgun kills them as there is only one close range power weapon u will easily get the high streaks one problem u r high up so u r obvious to snipe head always exposed so move it

    As red team i think u spawn just above the rocket so jump down get rockets and go through the teleport and grab the shotgun prob about four sec and u hold half the power weapon most know this so be run away before the horde steal ur prizes

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