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    Notice to all server admins:


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    Notice to all server admins:

    Post  SoV Admin on Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:41 am

    Hello. Firstly thank you guys for your effort in watching over the server.

    Im sorry I havent been around much. My last year of my Diploma JUST STARTED & THEN ... we got fucked by the earthquake on the 2nd day of the Diploma lol..

    Anyway. I have been checking over the ban list recently. I see some ban reasons that are a bit silly.
    Can we please try and do a format where you add your:

    -Ban reason

    When banning a player. It is very helpful for good informative logs & helps us keep track of whatever the player did wrong when they apply for an unban.

    EG. If you ban a hacker and just write " fuck off " then if in future the player involved applies for an unban & the admin who did the banning isnt around to unban or cant remember the player. We may be unintentionally unbanning a hacker.

    I understand admins get frustrated at times, especially when dealing with immature players & some real assholes out there. But please.
    Keep your cool. Try to follow the 3 strikes system ( i think thats what scarecrow is using )

    -warn (strike 1)
    -kick (strike 2)
    -ban (strike 3)

    And please note down the admin who did the banning & the reason why the player was banned.

    Thank you guys.

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