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    Tips for new clan members & forums users:


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    Tips for new clan members & forums users:

    Post  SoV Admin on Mon May 16, 2011 2:07 pm

    1: Services at your disposal.

    Joining SoV entitles you full use of the VoIP servers & Scarecrow can grant you VIP slots on the BC2 server if you ask him nicely Smile
    We also squad up in game & utilizing these services helps us to coordinate & have some wicked rounds.

    2: Update your forums profile.

    Updating your forums profile, helps us to identify each others players in a series of games ( including xbox live service ).
    This allows us to easily add each other on the next time we use the game or service.

    Use the UserCP button at the top of the page & enter in your player names / tags for the games & services you use.

    * We strongly encourage users to do this.

    3: Servers.

    Details on the servers we have are provided here:

    The vent server has 40 slots for use ( thanks to viper striker ) and provides the best performance for use in games.

    We have two TS3 servers if you wish for more private rooms to chat, or rooms you can chat with other friends etc. ( doesnt have to be in SoV.
    TS3 chat is also encrypted for extra security.

    4: In the works.

    I will check again with viper, but I believe the vent server should be accessable by iphone, windows 7 phone & android phones. So you dont have to be at a PC to chat. ( I recommend using home or public wifi's instead of your Mobile providers network to save you data use charges )

    Also we have a new forums on a sydney based server. It is not completed yet, but we will inform you when it is fully ready as soon as we can.

    If you are interested & have good website building knowledge, PM scarecrow.

    5: Council members.

    We have no higher rank than anyone else in the clan in game, but outside of the games ( forums , ventrilo , server controls etc ) we just see that the clan keeps running & the services are maintained.

    If you have ideas or requests, PM a council member and we can discuss them in the council chamber thread ( members have permission to view ** Like on parliament TV XD ** , but only we can post there.

    If the problem is server related:

    PM viper for the vent server.
    PM scarecrow for the BC2 server. * if the problem is with a player, post a ban / unban request in the ban / unban section.

    6 ( and final ) : BC2 tags not showing ?

    Once you have been accepted into SoV you may wear clan tags to help people & clan mates identify you.
    Unfortunately, BC2 has a bug where if you use the "Auto Login" feature, your tags dissapear.

    Simply dont click the auto login box and the tags will show.

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