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    Ghostly's App



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    Ghostly's App

    Post  GhostlyPresence on Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:35 am

    Age: 18 (as of tomorrow)
    Player Name(s) / Alias(es): GhostlyPresence
    Games you play: BC2, FIFA 11
    Will you be buying BF3?: Once I upgrade my computer
    Previous Clans: BiG. clan, AES (wasn't a member but regularly joined their ts server)
    Do you have a microphone: Yes; even own a teamspeak server myself.
    Does your player have any past offences: Caught speeding with the tanks; apparently the limit is 20km/h
    Do you know any members that will vouch for you: Scarecrow
    Link to Player Stats: and

    Twisted Evil

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    Re: Ghostly's App

    Post  Plzd0nthurtme on Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:53 am

    Oh a lovely Effort with colours and presentation there i will have to +1 this lad beside the fact always had fun hunting him on the Owned server.
    Sergeant Major of the Army
    Sergeant Major of the Army

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    Re: Ghostly's App

    Post  Popo on Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:35 pm

    +1 From me, I was in BiG. once before.


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    Re: Ghostly's App

    Post  TwistX on Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:55 pm

    Id vouch for you, you covered me on Harvest Day +1 awesome kent
    Mary Poppins
    Cheif Warrant Officer 5
    Cheif Warrant Officer 5

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    Re: Ghostly's App

    Post  Mary Poppins on Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:08 pm

    Accepted Very Happy

    You can now wear the -SoV- tags ingame Razz

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    Re: Ghostly's App

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