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    I Hate me help you




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    I Hate me help you

    Post  Fozlo on Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:18 pm

    I hate steam
    the whole idea is stupid and waste of time...
    when i buy games in the shops i dont wanna play it through stupid force updates to play the games...
    then when theres a small update like 30mbs steam decides to download the whole fucking 6gb game all over again....then like wtf

    went to look on google...found out steam's dumb staffs dont care about the issue..

    help me help you....

    a) All spam steam with emails to never make steamworks retail games or fix up there shitty UESLESS program

    b) Some stick a needle through Gabe Fat Cunt Newell and watch him bleed to death then hack his shitty program and destroy it cheers

    c) Win the lottery and buy steam then destroy it!! cheers

    but if u have a soloution for the whole download of the game instead of one small patch id be helpful..i looked on google...they says download the whole game again coz its a bug or reinstall...

    i dont like this much, hate the shit mofo program which im always have problems loading up forever...random not responding... and ever extisting Mad


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    Re: I Hate me help you

    Post  Voltstriker on Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:11 pm

    Steam is good it is just really slow when downloading stuff.

    I am a whisper, a shadow, I don't exist. By the time you realize I'm there it's already to late and by then I'm long gone. Don't run, you'll just die tired.

    bob_pauly <3

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    Re: I Hate me help you

    Post  SoV Admin on Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:05 am

    Some TIPS:

    1) When downloading with steam:
    -Set the line speed to 10Mbps (cable)
    -Set the Download location to:

    Prefence (order)
    1) Your ISP (for ISPs that host steam servers and do unmetered) - Eg. New Zealand (Slingshot) is mine.
    2) Your state -> country.
    3) Los Angeles USA (thats roughly where the international cable connects to) - it has a fast steam server array.

    Or easier put:

    1: Local Traffic (within ISP)
    2: National Traffic (within country)
    3: International Traffic

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    Re: I Hate me help you

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