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    Starting up a 360 gaming group

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    Starting up a 360 gaming group

    Post  Kryptanyte on Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:37 am

    Hi everyone.

    I'm going to start up a little group here for people who want to come and play games together and actively do so, if you want to join us, just post a comment here as to what games you should have in a month (me and a few mates won't be on until about Xmas as we are buying bf3 about then) or so or even now (I also know theres already a thread for this but it's not so recent) so that we can all link up and play. If we can get enough players, about 8 or so, on bf3 we might be able to get a bit of a scrim going. I have a few friends that are ready to squad up and fight when we all have the game, so we only need another 4 to make up a scrim.

    Please remember this won't be FULLY operational until late December however those who are on now can still play just won't have my friends and I on until boxing day.



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