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    How to get around downloading the big patches


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    How to get around downloading the big patches

    Post  Voltstriker on Sun Dec 25, 2011 8:20 pm

    exe3 wrote:I discovered the other day that you need to rename the updated files with "_DiP_STAGED" otherwise Origin will just skip over the updated files and download anyway.

    eg: There's bf3.exe and when you start updating it will create a new file called bf3.exe_DiP_STAGED which is the new updated file version. Once the update has finished downloading, bf3.exe_DiP_STAGED will be renamed to bf3.exe and overwrite the older bf3.exe file.

    Essentially Origin will look for the "_DiP_STAGED" version of a file and if it's not there (regardless if the actual bf3.exe present is old or new) it will try and download it.

    So yeah, if you try copying the updated files from a friends install you'll need to rename a lot of the files with "_DiP_STAGED" at the end otherwise origin will just ignore them.

    So basically if you have a friend who downloaded it and you really dont want to download it just get their files and put "_DiP_STAGED" at the end of a lot of files....

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